Nail Treatments


Classic Manicure $14
French Manicure $20
Buff-N Shine Manicure $20

Spa Manicure

Mineral Salt Manicure $25
COCO SPA Manicure $35
Ecofin Manicure $35
Secret Spa Manicure $55

Color Gel & U.V. Nails

U.V. Permanent French Set $100
U.V. Classic Clear Set $90
U.V. Clear Fill-in $45
U.V. Fill w/Color Gel $60
U.V. French Line Fill-in $65
Color Gel Manicure $37
French Color Gel $47
Powder Gel $47
French Powder Gel $57
Sock Off Gel/UV $10-20


1-5 Years Old

Manicure $8
Pedicure $15
Polish Only Fingers $5
Polish Only Toes $7

6-10 Years Old

Manicure $10
Pedicure $20
Polish Only Fingers $7
Polish Only Toes $12


Classic Pedicure $28
French Pedicure $35
Callus Pedicure $43
Color Gel Pedicure $58

Spa Pedicure

Honymoon Spa Pedicure $48

The ultimate indulgence sugar acts as natural moisturizer and exfoliate while honey hydrates the skin and cuticles. Includes callus softening and removal treatment with sea serum. The honey moon pedicure ends with heated stone massage for 10min.

Chamomile Spa Pedicure $58

Potent herbal remedy that soothes stressed skin and aching muscles. Full of antioxidants to ease anxiety and stress: relax the body and the mind with the proven natural effects of Chamomile. Enjoy the light crisp scent of Chamomile and luxuriate yourself in aromatherapy because you deserve it! (Includes Callus treatment & 15 min. Foot Massage)

Jelly Spa Pedicure $58

Crystal Jelly, is specially made of genuine natural herb (Ginseng), crystal mud and Aloe Vera which not only treat your body and spirit but also make them beautiful. (Includes Callus removal & 15min. foot massage)

Coco Spa Pedicure $68

This treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation followed by a moisturizing and rehydrating green tea mud wrap. Special callus softening sea serum by wrapping feet in warm towels. Finally you are treated to the massage with essential soothing oil for 20min. finished by heated stones. Then turn up the heat by applying a rich hydrating Full paraffin Treatment with application of your favorite polish.

Smart Spa Pedicure $78

Indulge your feet with our most luxurious pedicure. Relax with a medical-grade antibacterial soak with fruity scrub, highly hydrating mask. These premium ingredients contain powerful anti-oxidants and enzymes to leave damaged toes with a natural glow. Massage with heated stones for 25min. and finish with a Full paraffin Treatment to soften your heels after callus removals.

Pearl Spa Pedicure $88

*Healing *Anti-aging *Brightening *UV Protection
Exotic jewels from the deep seas: Pearl Powder contains over a dozen different minerals and 18 different amino acids. Natural moisturizer that protects from UV Rays and free radicals, Pearl Powder Promotes cell renewal for youthful and healthy looking skin. (Incudes callus treatment & 30min. Foot Reflexology with Full Paraffin Treatment)

Secrets Spa Reflexology Pedicure $125

Effective Aromatherapy for Anxiety. Relax with Aloe, as you pamper your feet with the ultimate spa experience.
Jelly Pedi is truly a unique spa experience. A gel forms when the powdered Jelly Pedi is added to the water and it becomes a translucent fluffy jelly. Jelly Pedi provides the ultimate relief for stressed and aching muscles. It helps exfoliate as well as re-hydrate dry skin. (Incudes callus treatment & 60min. Foot Reflexology with Full Paraffin Treatment)